What you always wanted to know about mandalas

What you always wanted to know about mandalas

Mandalas are intricate geometric designs used for centuries to promote meditation and self-reflection.

These complex patterns, often found in Buddhist and Hindu spiritual traditions, can captivate the viewer and bring a sense of inner peace and balance.

On the following pages, we will explore the history and symbolism of mandalas and the various ways you can use them for meditation and personal growth.

Whether you are new to mandalas or have a longstanding interest in these beautiful designs, the different blog posts will answer what you have always wanted to know about mandalas.

They provide a wealth of information and inspiration for incorporating mandalas into your meditation practice.

What is a mandala

What is a mandala?

Here you will learn something about the origin and meaning of mandalas.

Mandala Meditation

Mandala & Meditation

Here you learn about focused meditation as attention training utilizing mandala coloring.

Mandala Coloring

How to color mandalas?

The following are tips and tricks for coloring mandalas

Mandalas for adults

Mandalas for adults

Here you will find a free mandala to print and color.

Mandalas for kids

Mandala Templates for Kids

Here you will surely find a free mandala template for kids!

mandalas for seniors

Mandalas for seniors

The free mandalas for seniors have thicker lines so that the shapes can be easily recognized.

free printable animal mandalas button

Free printable animal mandalas

Here you can find free animal mandalas to color. Get one of the fascinating animal mandalas!

Monday Mandala

Monday Mandala

Always mondays – start your week with a free beautiful mandala here

Customer Gallery 01

“I love mandalas. I’ve been coloring them for years, and they always make me feel good. They don’t have to be perfect – a few colored pencils and a piece of paper will do! I take my time with each shape, ensuring it’s just right for me before moving on to the next. It’s very calming and meditative. There is no better way to switch off once in a while.
Thanks to neoserenity.com for the inspiration and templates. Keep up the excellent work!”   

–  Andrea S.

Customer Example Mandala 01


Fraktal Mandala No 1
Pluriverse Mandala
Indian Mandala 1
China Mandala 1