Free Mandalas For Seniors

free mandala for seniors

You love coloring pictures and mandalas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

With increasing age, free drawing and painting often becomes more difficult. Therefore, beautiful pre-made coloring pictures are a good alternative to continue actively experiencing art.

You will find below free black and white mandalas with larger shapes and thick borders. The designs are therefore perfect to color even with limited vision and hand mobility. Thick colored pencils are also helpful.

However, interested adults and children can use them just as well.

The training of the eye-hand coordination and the mental activity as well as concentration on something beautiful, helps scientifically proven to stay mentally fit in later life. Feel free and light-hearted!

Mandalas for adults

If you find the free mandalas for seniors too basic, visit Free Mandalas for Adults. You’ll find mandala coloring pictures with higher complexity and a higher variety of shapes.

Free mandala coloring pictures for seniors

free mandala for seniors 1
free mandala for seniors 2
free mandala for seniors 3
free mandala for seniors 4
free mandala for seniors 5
free mandala for seniors 6

For personal use you can download the following mandalas.
However, please use the free images only for personal, non-commercial purposes, they are protected by copyright. The distribution of any kind and especially on platforms of the various social networks is prohibited.

You are welcome to send us the finished colored pictures by email at service[at]neoserenity. We will exhibit some of them in the gallery. This can also be done anonymously. If you send us your pictures, we assume that you agree to their publication and further use.

We are looking forward to your works.

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mandalas for seniors

Mandalas for seniors

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