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“Are the hustles and hectic of everyday life taking over? Pressure from all sides?”

Welcome to Neoserenity. We want to provide a little oasis of tranquility and peace.

You will find valuable information about relaxation, meditation, self-discovery and mindfulness. Feel free starting with one of our free wonderful mandalas.

Take some time off – you deserve it!

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You will get useful information about mandalas.  The free printable mandalas here are for young & old.

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Incorporating meditation into your daily life, you will soon begin to notice the benefits of mindfulness including improved self-awareness and increased self-esteem.

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Mindful living means being aware of oneself and one’s surroundings in the present moment. How to build a mindful lifestyle you can find out here.

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Positive affirmation quotes and beautiful pictures in perfect alliance. Check them out here and build strong resilience

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Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice with the goal to purify the body while also calming the mind. Check it out here!

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The goal of mindful eating is to be more aware of the foods you eat, to make healthier choices, and take time to enjoy your food. Find out more, here!

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